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Σωτηρία - Ν.ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ, Greece - 12 October 2009: Απλό, κεντρικό, πολύ καθαρό, βολικό στις μετακινήσεις με τα πόδια, ιδανικό για γνωριμία με την πόλη.Tracey - Ohaupo, New Zealand - 13 July 2009: proximity to shops & cafes, the lake and old city, friendliness of the woman at reception, great to have access to parking, great valueLitsa - London, UK - 20 August 2009: It was clean and comfortable, quiet, and very good value for money. We liked its central location because we did not have to move our car from its parking space to go shopping and enjoy the cafeterias on the lake front which were all within walking distance. The staff were helpful and polite. Jesus - Madrid, Spain - 28 July 2009: La buena situación del hotel en la ciudad. El aislamiento sonoro y térmico de la habitación del exterior. Ningún problema para el pago con tarjeta (no siempre es así en Grecia). Me dieron factura (no siempre es así en Grecia). Claude Mature couple Ninove, Belgium: Hotel fitted with our expectations (clean & quiet room for a reasonable price) regarding a 3-nights' stay in this location on our Greece trip holiday.

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A. Tositsa 19, Center of Metsovo
Zip Code. 44200
Tel. 26560.41263, 26560.41900
Fax 26560.41485



Built on the mountainsides of Pindus at an altitude of 1.156 meters and with majestic peaks all around, hidden by beeches and firs in a setting where the earth and heavens seem to meet, the Hotel Egnatia is located in the center of Metsovo and is therefore in ideal position to offer guests warm, comfortable family hospitality..

Just a few of the impressive attractions found in Metsovo are listed below:

● The winter sports center
● The manmade lake at the sources of Aoos
● The Tositsa Mansion
● The Averof Art Gallery
● The monasteries of Panagia and Saint Nicolas
● The church of Saint Paraskevi with its carved wooden icon
● The park of Saint George

Other activities in Metsovo.

Explore the national forests of Valia Calda and Aoos river with the rich quantity of flora and fauna species. Go about in winter activities like walking, hiking, horse riding, cross country skiing, mountain climbing, mountain bike riding.

Metsovo Ski Center

The visitor of Metsovo has three ski centers at his disposal.

Politsies, or else Profitis Ilias, is located at an altitude of 1360 – 1620m and just 4km from Metsovo. Having easy and short ski tracks and it is ideal for beginner skiers. There, you will find organized ski schools, ski rental shops and snow track. Also, there are 3 ski tracks for experienced skiers, 700m, 1000m and 1200m. It offers a chalet with restaurant and coffee, for hot chocolate moments and traditional flavors.

The ski center at Karakoli is located at an altitude of 1340 – 1520m and 1.5km from Metsovo. It offers an 800m long single-seated lift that serves 2 tracks, the first having a length of 1800m (easy) and the second 1000m (very easy).

Finally, the ski center Zygos is at your disposal. At an altitude of 1680 – 1850m, it offers an aerial two-seated lift and 3 ski tracks. It is ideal for all visitors. The cross-country ski track is 5-10 km long.

Information: Metsovo Ski center: 2656 041095